Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Which Airline service is best for Asia trip

Asia trip, try Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. Both airlines have been ranked top 1 and 2 around the world in the last 5 years.Service is good and aircraft is new,They have state of the art in-flight entertainment and a lot of movies to choose from. The food is ok, and they feed you even on short flights too. Their prices are not really higher, considering they let you make changes on most fares and their refund policy is fair,Their prices are competitve, maybe a bit more than some airlines, but to me, it's worth the price. I would also look at Cathay Pacific, I'm a frequent flyer on Cathay and have flown the US-Asia route over 40 times, mostly on Cathay, but many times on Singapore. Where these airlines really stand out is in Business and 1st class, but their economy class is also a cut above

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