Tuesday, December 30, 2008

japan airlines SKY SLEEPER seat

JAL SKYSLEEPER SOLO' Applicable routes
Narita-London route JL 401/402
Narita- Chicago route JL 010/009
Narita- Paris route JL 405/406
Narita- Frankfurt route JL 407/408
Narita- Los Angeles route JL 062/061

Reading Lights

We have positioned perfectly-lit and angled reading lights on both sides of your seat to eliminate annoying shadows while you read.
Personal TV

Enjoy your favorite movies, CDs and games plus specially commissioned original JAL programming! Designed to ergonomic perfection, our user-friendly in-seat controller is right at your fingertips.


Our ingeniously designed curved side table is made from faux marble. Like our light panel, its fresh orange color helps add to the warm ambience on every flight.
Massage Function

Our seats feature a built-in massager in the lumbar area of your back. Its two internal air pockets inflate and deflate in 10-second cycles, relieving any strain your lower back may feel during lengthy flights.

Shoe Compartment

Easy stowage of your shoes will further enhance your in-flight comfort.
Handy Compartments

Located under your side table are two handy storage compartments whose ingenious bearing glide mechanism ensures silent, speedy storage of magazines and personal items.


For added convenience, your in-seat controller features a credit-card operated telephone. Simply click the MAGIC key for full details of how to use your controller.

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