Friday, December 26, 2008

Olympic Airways boeing 717 aircraft

Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) although the original design for this was developed by McDonnell Douglas before being taken over by Boeing. The fuselage is actually based on the DC-9 built originally by the Douglas Corporation back in the 1960s.
Main Role: small-medium capacity short-medium range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Twin side mounted engines, single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the DC-9 series
Capacity: Roughly around 100 passengers
Range: 1375km to 3800km
First delivery date: 1999
Still in production in 2006: No
Easily confused for: DC-9 series, MD-80 series, MD-90, Boeing 727, Fokker 100, and less likely the Fokker 70, ERJ-145 & CRJ-700/900
Main identifying points: Look for the "McDonnell Douglas 7 paned" cockpit windows, Two large side mounted engines , no winglets & a High squared off tail & flat tail cone. It is shorter in length than the MD-80 and MD-90. This is not really a common plane worldwide and like the 737 series it is a bit difficult to identify as it looks very much like a DC-9/MD-80... the tail and large engines are the best unique features although the MD-90 is very similar but has a longer fuselage. The 7 windows in the cockpit window is also a give away that it is a McDonnell Douglas (MD) designed aircraft so eliminating Airbus and most Boeing's... This was going to be called the MD-95 until Boeing renamed it the Boeing 717.
Examples of Main Operators: Air Tran, Qantas Link, Olympic Aviation, Hawaiian

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