Friday, December 26, 2008

Main Operators of 737-800

Turkish Airlines 737-800 TC-JFT, originally uploaded by caribb.

Examples of Main Operators: Continental, Westjet, Delta, Air China, China Southern, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Qantas just to name a few.
Name: Boeing 737-800
Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .
Main Role: medium capacity medium range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Two engines single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the Boeing 707. It is essentially a 737-400 replacement.
Capacity: Roughly 162-189 passengers
Range: 3500km -5400km
First delivery date: 1998
Still in production in 2006: Yes
Easily confused for: A320, A321, 727 & other models of the 737
Main identifying points: Look for the classic Boeing cockpit windows with 4 "eyebrow windows above the main windows although in the most recent examples all the eyebrow windows have been eliminated, Two traditional wing mounted engines, less oval shape than the 737-300 or -400 because of the new larger and higher wing, winglets are an option so they may or may not be on them... if so like in the photo they are blended winglets swept up very high and quite dramatic, a kinked leading edge on the tail and the tail cone shown in the picture. This is a very popular selling plane and you'll likely see it at any major airport worldwide.

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