Friday, December 26, 2008

Airbus A319 passenger Capacity

Polar Blue Airbus A319, originally uploaded by caribb.

Manufacturer: Airbus Industries Europe (France/Germany)
Main Role: Small capacity, short-long range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Twin engined, single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the A320.
Capacity: Roughly 125 passengers
Range: 1800km to 3700km
First delivery date: 1996
Still in production in 2006: Yes
Easily confused for: Airbus A318, A320, Boeing 737, EMB-190
Main idenifying points: Look for the "Airbus" cockpit windows, twin engines, single over wing emergency exit, Arrow shaped winglets & a classic Airbus tail & tailcone. Check the rear fuselage to see it's not too long (A320) or too short (A318).. make sure the winglets go both up and below the wing to avoid confusion with 737s.
Examples of Main Operators: Air France, Air Canada, US Airways, Swiss Air Lines, United, British Airways

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