Friday, December 26, 2008

Airbus A340-600 specs and Capacity

Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 D-AIHS, originally uploaded by caribb.

Name: Airbus A340-600
> Manufacturer: Airbus Industries Europe (France/Germany)
> Main Role: High capacity, long - very long range mainline jetliner
> Basic design: Four engined, double aisle wide body jet. Airframe based on the A300.
75.30 m
247 ft 0 in

63.45 m
208 ft 2 in

Cabin Width 5.28 m (17.3 ft)
Cruising speed 0.83 (907 km/h, 490 knots, 564 mph)
> Capacity: A340-600: 375 passengers
> Range: 13700km
> First delivery date: 2002
> Still in production in 2008: Yes
> Easily confused for: Airbus A330-300, IL-86, IL-96, DC-8, 707, 747
> Main identifying points: Look for the "Airbus" cockpit windows, four large engines (larger than on the A340-200/300 version), large upward swept winglets & a classic Airbus tail & tail cone. Other than the 747 and IL86/96 it's one of the few 4-engined wide body jets around. If it has 4 engines and no hump on the front it's more than likely an A340. The IL86/96 is less common and is quite similar in shape but they have a very high pointy tail and a short less pronounced tail cone and are flown almost exclusively by Russian airlines. The A340-500/600 both have a 4 wheeled middle undercarriage along with the ones under each wing. The A340-600 has the longest fuselage of any standard airliner so hard to not identify. It's a stretched version of the -300/500
>Examples of Main Operators: Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Thai, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia, South African so these planes are especially numerous in Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Madrid, Johannesburg, Bangkok and London.

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