Friday, December 26, 2008

Maximum speed of boeing 737-500 jetliner

Canjet 737-522 C-FDCH, originally uploaded by caribb.

Name: Boeing 737-500
Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .
Main Role: small capacity short range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Two engines single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the Boeing 707. It is essentially a 737-200 replacement.
Capacity: Roughly 108-132 passengers
132 (1-class, dense),
123 (1-class, standard))
Mach 0.785 (514 mph, 828 km/h)
Maximum speed Mach 0.82 (544 mph, 876 km/h, 473 kt)
Range: 2800km -4400km
First delivery date: 1990
Still in production in 2006: No
Easily confused for: A319, A318, A320, 727 & other models of the 737
Main identifying points: Look for the classic Boeing cockpit windows with 4 "eyebrow windows above the main windows - two on each side, Two traditional wing mounted engines, oval shape engine covers (distinct to the 737-400 & higher series), no winglets, a kinked leading edge on the tail and the tail cone shown in the picture. This was not a popular selling plane but airlines often added them to their fleets if they had other versions of the 737 already flying. It's known for it's fat stubby appearance.
Examples of Main Operators: Continental, SAS, Czech Airlines,

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