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Boeing 737-900 main upgrade features

KLM 737-9K2 PH-BXO, originally uploaded by caribb.

Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .
Main Role: medium/large capacity medium/long range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Two engines single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the Boeing 707. It is essentially a 737-400 and 757-200ER replacement.
Still in production in 2007: Yes
Boeing later introduced the 737-900, the longest variant to date. Because the -900 retains the same exit configuration of the -800, seating capacity is limited to 177 seats in two classes, or 189 in a single-class layout. The 737-900 also retains the MTOW and fuel capacity of the -800, trading range for payload. These shortcomings until recently prevented the 737-900 from effectively competing with the Airbus A321
The 737-900ER, which was called the 737-900X prior to launch, is the newest addition and the largest variant of the Boeing 737 line and was introduced to meet the range and passenger capacity of the discontinued 757-200 and to directly compete with the Airbus A321.

An additional pair of exit doors and a flat rear pressure bulkhead increase seating capacity to 180 passengers in a 2-class configuration or 215 passengers in a single-class layout. Additional fuel capacity and standard winglets improve range to that of other 737NG variants.

The first 737-900ER was rolled out of the Renton, Washington factory on 8 August 2006 for its launch customer, Lion Air. Lion Air received this aircraft on 27 April 2007 in a special dual paint scheme combining the Lion Air lion on the vertical stabilizer and the Boeing livery colors on the fuselage.

Main feature to distinguish it from other 737s: This is hard because visually it's almost identical to the 737-800. However it is about 5 frames longer than the -800 (3 in the back and 2 in the front). KLM has 25 windows open out 26 that follow from the emergency exits.. the -800 have about 23. KLM keeps one window (the last one) covered. Up front there's 20 windows to the emergency exit versus 18 for the -800. So there's roughly three extra rows inside the -900 or about 18-20 extra passengers
Easily confused for: A320, A321, 757 & other models of the 737
Main identifying points: Look for the classic Boeing cockpit windows without the 4 "eyebrow windows above the main windows, two traditional wing mounted engines, less oval shape than the 737-300 or -400 because of the new larger and higher wing, winglets are an option so they may or may not be on them... if so like in the photo they are blended winglets swept up very high and quite dramatic, a kinked leading edge on the tail and the tail cone shown in the picture. This is a very popular selling plane and you'll likely see it at any major airport worldwide.
Examples of Main Operators: Alaska Airlines, Lion Air, KLM.

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