Tuesday, December 9, 2008

difference between first class and coach class in Boeing 777

First Class is much nicer. It is more expensive, but on longer flights, if you can either afford it or use frequent flier miles for an upgrade, then it is worth it.

COACH: - Smaller seats- Less leg room- Busy aisles with people walking to and from restroom, etc.- A lot more people so service is slower and not as often- The seats do not recline much- There is very little armrest room that must be shared- The meals are usually pre-packaged- On longer flights you may only get the choice between 2 meals- You don't get to select the movies you want to watch- There are middle seats- Noisier as most young children (babies, etc.) travel in coach
FIRST CLASS:- Wider, softer seats,There are only 2 on each side-with more leg room, you can recline them fully, Space between seats with your own armrest- Separate restroom- Only a few rows of seats, eliminating much walk-by traffic- Drinks served as soon as you board the plane- Drinks served in glasses, not plastic cups- Free alcoholic beverages- No charge for headsets, if needed- Meals served on real plates and in different courses on long flights- Snacks served more often- The seats recline a lot farther, including leg rests that extend- Much more leg room, meaning you do not have to climb over anyone or ask them to move if you need to get out - you can walk in front of them- More choices for entertainment (video, movies, etc.)- A little travel case is given to each First Class passenger that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, sleep mask, socks, mints, and some other small items that make the travel more comfortable- Priority boarding (before everyone else)- No middle seat- Some aircraft offer a bar and massage services (neck, hands)

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