Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what is the airlines pilots annual salary

airlines pilots get paid per flight hour. Most places give their wage per flight hour, a first officer will make around $70-$130 a credit houra Captain will make around $150-$200 a credit hour

then they multiply that into a regular work day/week. That doesn't sound too bad, but if they aren't flying they don't get paid. In reality, they may only get 4 or 5 flight hours per day. So a pilot is usually guarenteed 75 hours but they cannot fly over 120 hours in a month.Pilots have many checks to accomplish before the passengers board and also must load flight plans. So, while a pilot may only fly 90 hours a month, they work much longer. Pay goes up as you progress, but most posted wages above 70 grand are for experienced captains
airline pilots eared a median annual income of $109580,Earnings ranged from the lowest 10%, who earned less than $55,800, to the highest 10%, who earned more than $101,460
In Australia it is around:2nd officer= $70,000-$100,0001st officer= $100,000-$150,000Captain= $200,000+These are all in Australian Dollars

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