Tuesday, December 9, 2008

United international flight to Japan flight service

I have flown United quite a few times back and forth between the States and Japan. The one major difference is that you will want to look at what type of aircraft you will be flying in (can be done by going to United on-line and typing in your information). The best Aircraft I have found is the 777 with Coach plus seating, it has all the video on demand, comfort seats, and plenty of leg room.The one aircraft that you do not want to find is the 747 with just the plain Coach seating. This Aircraft is much more crammed.One other great thing about United is free food and alcoholic drinks. You will get 2 meals, and a snack. However if you are like me with a very fast metabolism, you should bring a snack for yourself.Since I do not know your financial issues, I can not recommend springing for the Business class upgrade. It is only a few hours of your life being on the plane, and if you starve yourself of sleep before the flight you can usually sleep all the way through. To me it's not worth the extra thousands of dollars

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