Thursday, December 25, 2008

Korean Air 747 upper deck business class cabin photos

KE recently went through a product overhaul introducing striking crew uniforms (they really do look great), and a new Business Class product. However, I wish they had gone full-flat instead of angular lie-flat. While it is probably one of the more comfortable angular flat seats I have encountered, it still does not beat the feeling of lying on a full-flat bed seat. However, it is to be noted that the overall space on KE is much better than comparable products on AF or NW. Even in recline mode, there was ample legroom and my knees did not get “stuck” on the top of the seat opening. Recline position is also better than most angular-flat seat. It sort of felt like the SQ Raffles seat – just more fresh.KE has a lot going for it. While a lot give it sligtly unjustified criticisms on safety, it’s service standard is impeccable with some fantastic crew members. I do like their new look and think the redesigned seats and interiors are miles ahead of their old J product. Moreover, small touches like new crew uniforms accentuate a bold fresh look. However, I am disappointed with the unimaginative food options, and am flabergasted at the horrible headphones provided to J passengers. C’est la vie. I would not hesitate flying them again. However, given an airline with better seats, I would equally consider the alternatives

02:25 hrs
Flight: Korean Air Lines KE 702, 783 miles
Routing: NRT-ICN
Aircraft: 744
Seat: Business (“Prestige”), 20A – Upper Deck

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